Celebrating the Role of AI in 2024 Through Poetry

To celebrate #WorldPoetryDay, we asked ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot to write us poems to celebrate the use of AI in 2024, and this is what it gave us, each poem has been recorded to align with the oral tradition of poetry by our enigmatic Becca.

What do you think of the poems? Do you agree with the thoughts described in their words?

ChatGPT – “Echoes of Tomorrow: A Poetic Ode to AI in 2024”

In the digital expanse, where minds entwine,
Lies the marvel of AI, divine.
In twenty twenty-four, its reach extends far,
Touching lives, like a guiding star.

With algorithms astute and coding’s might,
AI strides boldly into the night.
In fields of science, it lends a hand,
Unraveling mysteries, vast and grand.

In medicine’s realm, where health is key,
AI assists doctors, setting minds free.
Diagnosing ailments with precision rare,
Offering hope, with compassionate care.

In classrooms bright, where knowledge reigns,
AI aids learners in their quests and gains.
Tailored lessons, to each unique mind,
Fostering growth, of every kind.

Through pixels and screens, it lends its grace,
Bringing people closer, in cyberspace.
Connecting hearts across the miles,
With empathy, in digital styles.

But amidst the wonders, we must tread light,
Ensuring AI serves with conscience bright.
For in its power, lies great responsibility,
To shape a future of unity and civility.

So let us embrace, with open arms,
The AI revolution, with all its charms.
For in its embrace, we find a way,
To illuminate tomorrow, come what may.

In twenty-twenty-four, let’s sing and say,
Cheers to AI, on World Poetry Day!

Copilot – “Verses of the Virtual Muse”

In twenty-four, the AI soared,
With silicon wings and data hoard.
It learned, it grew, it gently pried,
Into the realms where wisdom vied.

It penned the poems, it sang the songs,
It righted wrongs and tagged along.
In every task, it found a place,
With quiet grace and digital lace.

It mapped the stars, it healed the sick,
Its algorithms ever so slick.
A friend in code, a beacon bright,
In binary streams of pulsing light.

So here’s to AI, in all its might,
On Poetry Day, it shines a light.
A tool, a muse, a steadfast guide,
In silicon dreams, we take the ride.