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The Importance of British Values


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CPD The Importance of British Values (CPD Certified)

This qualification is aimed at anyone looking to develop their knowledge of the British Values. Learners will look at what is meant by British Values, then look at democracy, mutual respect, tolerance and individual liberty. They will then learn how to promote British Values in own activities.

Section 1: What is meant by the term ‘British Values’

  • What British Values are
  • British Values legislation
  • Legislation concerning human rights and counter-terrorism
  • The importance of British Values today

Section 2: Democracy in relation to British Values

  • Democratic practices
  • Ways in which individuals can become involved in democracy
  • Local politics
  • Meetings and elections
  • Education and democracy
  • Examples of democracy in society today
  • The benefits of democracy

Section 3: Mutual respect, tolerance and individual liberty

  • Mutual respect and tolerance
  • What is meant by individual liberty and examples of individual liberties available to UK citizens
  • The range of faiths and beliefs practiced by UK citizens including having no faith
  • The impact of terrorism, extremism and radicalisation
  • Positive and negative impacts of own behaviour
  • Discrimination, stereotyping, labelling and prejudice
  • The potential effects of discrimination
  • The importance of positively promoting diversity

Section 4: How to promote British Values in own activities

  • Promoting British Values
  • How the Prevent duty supports British Values