Sexual Consent for Students


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Sexual Consent for Students

Sexual Consent for Students looks into the legal definitions of consent as well as the facts surrounding sexual assault and rape. It will examine consent and the act of consenting and why this is important. It will look into the myths and misconceptions about rape and the legalities surrounding it. Finally, it will explain and highlight the support available, as well as how to support an individual, that has been assaulted or is currently being assaulted.

4 sections

What is Consent?

This section will examine what the legal definition of consent is, the Capacity to Consent and the Freedom to Consent, and put into understanding the ways an individual can consent

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and their myths and misconceptions

This section will describe the legal definitions of Rape, Assault, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment, and outline the consequences for breaking these laws, as well as recognise common myths and misconceptions about rape.

How do you gain consent?

This section will outline the importance of gaining consent, identify the signs of someone consenting, and reflect upon the feeling of consent.

Responding to events and how to signpost.

This final section will look into the five F's for responses and survival. It will also help to understand where and how support is gained, and how to support someone that has experiences, or is currently experiencing abuse.