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Introduction to First Aid Programme


Are you looking to complete your first-aid training? With an Introduction to First Aid, you can take your first steps towards gaining a First Aid qualification!


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Are you looking to complete your first-aid training? UK employers are always interested in candidates who have first aid training, so this course would be a great addition to any CV. This course aims to provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the key areas of first aid. The course will enable you to increase the safety of yourself and others in the workplace and in other everyday environments.

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in first aid, as it will provide you with crucial skills that apply to all aspects of work and everyday life.



Course Content

This course is broken down into four separate zones, which are:

Zone 1:

This zone covers the role of a first-aider, how to approach different incidents and manage an emergency, basic patient assessment skills used by first-aiders and minor injuries such as cuts, burns and scalds.

Zone 2:

In this zone, you will learn about asthma, shock, severe bleeding and bone, muscle and joint injuries. You will learn about the signs and symptoms of each condition and will also look at how to treat these conditions and injuries.

Zone 3:

This zone looks at choking in adults, chest pains and seizures. You will look at signs of choking, the signs of chest pains – including heart attacks and angina, and the signs and symptoms of a seizure. This zone provides information about how to respond to each of these and how to respond to these incidents as a first-aider.

Zone 4:

You will look at head injuries, severe allergic reactions, unconsciousness resuscitation and strokes within this zone. You will learn what the signs and symptoms are of each condition, and what the appropriate treatment is for each. You will also learn how to carry out CPR for children of different ages and will gain an understanding of the legal protection for first-aiders.


Course Length

16 hours

Learning Methods

Online Materials

Online Assessment