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Online self-paced Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 in English and maths.

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Gaining your Functional Skills qualifications will help you to improve your employment chances as well as enabling you to apply for a range of jobs. You will also be able to apply to apprenticeship schemes and University courses with this qualification.

BMH Training Limited is accredited by Open Awards.

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Maths – Functional Skills

Open Awards Level 2 Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics supports learners to apply their mathematical skills, through appropriate reasoning and decision making, to solve realistic problems of increasing complexity.

Learners should be:
• Introduced to new areas of life and work so that they are exposed to concepts and problems which, while not of immediate concern, may be of value in later life;
• Enabled to develop an appreciation of the role played by mathematics in the world of work and in life generally;
• Able to use these skills autonomously, applying them to a range of formal and informal contexts, in the workplace and in real life.

Scope of Study

  • Using numbers and the number system
  • Using common measures, shape and space
  • Handle information and data
  • Solving mathematical problems and decision making

You will gain an Open Awards Level 2 Functional Skills Mathematics. More information can be found at Open Awards.

Candidates for the Level 2 Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics will be required to under take a diagnostic assessment to determine their level of current understanding.

The examination consists of one exam, which consists of two sections.

Section A
Non-Calculator - 30 Minutes - 15 Marks

Section B

Calculator  - 1 hour and 30 minutes - 45 Marks

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