Career Development (Essentials)


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Career Development (Essential)

This career development training course is aimed at anyone seeking opportunities to help boost career development and self-development, both academically and socially. The Essentials Study Programme is targeted towards colleges, with the understanding that learners will undertake selected sections of content and assessment in relevant areas to develop their skills for life and work.

Unit 1: Pre-employment

In this unit, explore how to use LinkedIn in the job search, skills needed for job searching and how to apply for jobs. Also look at how to develop their strengths, how to write a CV and the kinds of career options available.

Sections in this unit:


  1. Using social media platforms to present yourself and search for jobs
  2. Job Search Skills
  3. Applying for jobs
  4. Developing yourself and your strengths
  5. Presenting information on a CV
  6. Identify a range of career options


Unit 2: Interview

Learn how to effectively plan for different types of interviews, and how to present themselves both physically and verbally in order to create a good impression.

Sections included in this unit:


  1. Planning for an interview
  2. Presenting yourself


Unit 3: During Employment

Gain an insight into how to identify and deal with problems such as workplace issues and stress in daily life, as well as learning about digital skills and how to improve these.

Sections included in this subject area:


  1. Identifying and dealing with problems in daily life
  2. Digital skills