women sitting on chairs inside a room

BMH Training Limited is committed to providing a positive and inclusive learning environment for all of its clients. In an ever-changing climate, we are committed to offering flexible learning opportunities both face-to-face and virtually.

Company Ethos


  • Provide inclusive, equal and diverse learning environments.
  • Allow access to digital technology and a digital learning experience.
  • Employ innovative means to provide a tailored approach to personal development.


  • Be aware of the historical and cultural development of the Wigan borough.
  • Encourage learning, development and participation in the local community.
  • Inspire social mobility in individuals and the community.

Giving Back

  • Provide support to local businesses, charities and social enterprise with ongoing partnerships.
  • Highlight the benefits and awards associated with working in the local community.

Supported Charities

  • Thrombosis UK – Thrombosis remains a major cause of death in the UK yet many people have little or no understanding about the causes and effects of thrombosis, and how it can be prevented.
  • British Heart Foundation – Fund around £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them. Heart diseases. Stroke. Vascular dementia. Diabetes. They’re all connected, and they’re all under our microscope.