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Find out what style of Learning Styles you favour with our short quiz! For a more extensive look at your Learning Styles, have a look at the LearnEnglish Learning Style quiz.

The Quiz

When you read a book or an article, do you:

a) Prefer to visualize the content in your mind.
b) Tend to read aloud or silently to yourself.
c) Prefer to physically highlight or take notes on the text.

When you listen to a lecture or a presentation, do you:

a) Find it helpful to see visual aids such as slides or diagrams.
b) Focus on the speaker’s tone, pitch, and rhythm.
c) Feel the need to fidget or move around to stay engaged.

When you need to learn a new skill, do you:

a) Prefer watching videos or demonstrations to understand the process.
b) Prefer listening to instructions or following along with an audio guide.
c) Prefer a hands-on approach to physically practice and refine the skill.

When you need to remember information, do you:

a) Prefer creating visual aids such as diagrams or charts to help you recall.
b) Repeat the information aloud or silently to yourself to reinforce memory.
c) Prefer physically writing or drawing to help with retention.

When you study for an exam or review material, do you:

a) Organize information into visual formats such as mind maps or flowcharts.
b) Read and reread the material or listen to recorded lectures.
c) Take frequent breaks to move around or engage in physical activities.


  • Count the number of times you selected each letter: a, b, and c.
  • The letter with the highest count corresponds to your preferred learning style.


  • If you selected mostly a’s: You may have a visual learning style.
  • If you selected mostly b’s: You may have an auditory learning style.
  • If you selected mostly c’s: You may have a kinesthetic learning style.

Remember, learning styles are not fixed and can vary from person to person and across different learning situations. It’s important to experiment with different learning strategies and techniques to find what works best for you and adapt your study habits accordingly.